Wealth or Mammon

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God's Ancient Pathways to Financial Blessing is a compelling seminar to transform the faith-based community.

Ray, is a sought after author and speaker. He has an anointing to transform the economic structure of families, businesses and churches. His plan is to translate Biblical principles of giving and receiving. This is in an attempt to awaken in people during these sessions. He draws from his incredible personal life experiences in business mergers and acquisitions. While creating a correlation of Biblical spiritual revelation.

In one weekend Ray Landers will speak simple truths of God's principles of Biblical finance. This seminar will transform the members of your church community when it comes to understanding God's Kingdom strategy. Speaker and author Ray Landers demonstrated talent for business as a teenager and owned a home and a farm before he turned 20. By the age of 25, he had become a millionaire.

After financial disaster struck, Mr. Landers and his family struggled to rebuild what they had lost. The experience inspired him to begin learning about biblical finance and God’s principles for financial management. His pursuit of knowledge in this area included several years of study with rabbis in Israel.

Understanding the stress that finances cause many families, businesses, and churches, he decided to share his findings with groups around the country, teaching them God’s word on giving and receiving. Since Ray Landers began traveling around the country conducting seminars, he has become one of the most sought-after speakers on the subject. Individuals laud his ability to combine biblical truths with personal accounts to create a truly life-changing experience.

Mr. Landers has also published two books on the topic of biblical finance. The first, "Wealth or Mammon," distinguishes between wealth and money and demonstrates how to become empowered to receive wealth. His second book, "Is Your Storehouse Stealing?" explores the concept of the tithe and what happens when money becomes misappropriated.

At present, he lives with his wife of more than 40 years on his family’s farm in Auburn, Illinois. Together, they have four children.

For more information about Mr. Landers and his message, visit http://www.raylanders.com.


Press Review

Ray Landers, a preacher, missionary, and businessman from Auburn, Illinois, has spent the last 25 years helping others come to an understanding of their work, wealth, and relationships. Landers teaches using a combination of personal anecdotes and Bible truths, and has served as a professor of Counseling and Finance at the World Harvest Bible College.

Before devoting himself to ministry, Ray Landers operated successful businesses in the agriculture and real estate industries. A millionaire by 25, he also spent time spreading the Gospel in Israel and the Middle East. While in Israel, he studied under Jewish theologians in order to gain a better understanding of God’s pathway to financial blessings. Today, he instructs international audiences on the distinction between wealth and Mammon, and helps families achieve freedom from financial stress and worry.

Ray Landers also has extensive experience in counseling. He specializes in identifying the root causes of conflict in families. He realizes that problems like compulsive behavior, low self-esteem and financial irresponsibility often occur in generation after generation, and he works to reduce the sources of intergenerational problems. He also emphasizes the importance of the Father’s Blessing. He points out that, in the Bible, all successful endeavors start with a father’s blessing. Even Jesus himself needed God’s blessing before he could begin his public ministry. Landers provides concrete advice on how others can activate the Father’s Blessing in their own lives.

With his decades of business and ministry experience, Ray Landers has a great deal of wisdom to share with young people. He teaches young men and women how to serve God through their careers in business. He has taken advantage of new media, creating several YouTube videos to explain his teachings. Ray Landers and his wife Billie have been married for over 40 years and still live on the farm where they raised their four children.



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