The Spirit of Mammon

Matthew 6:24

The verse teaches us that we cannot serve God and Mammon. We learn that there is a difference between Wealth, (which God controls) and Mammon (which is the world's system of finance). In this session we expose the two Kingdoms.

Redeeming Your Land

Did you know that the land cries out for redemption? The land: has (4 characteristics). 1.) The land will bless you, 2.) the land will curse you, 3.) the land will swallow you up, 4.) the land will spit you out. We need to know how to redeem our land.

Discovering God’s Ancient Pathways for Financial Blessing

These pathways are eternal. However, very few Christians know about them. In this session we see the path that God has orchestrated for peace and prosperity from the very beginning of time.

Releasing the Father’s Blessing

Did you know that Jesus had to have his fathers blessing? This very act in your life is the key to your success. Jacob stole Esau's blessing. He knew that without his fathers blessing he could never prosper. In this session you discover the importance of a fathers blessing.

Christian Tithing vs Jewish Tithing

Malachi 3:8

These are the verses that Christian churches have used universally on tithing. Did you know that there are three tithes in the Bible that Jewish people walk in? The tithe has 5 specific purposes. In this session we learn what they are and how to use them.

Understanding First Fruits

Proverbs 3:8

As Christians we are to honor the Lord with are substance and the first fruits of all thine increase. In this session, we learn that first fruits is not the tithe. However, it is actually a "terumah" offering unto the Lord. It always goes to the priest and not the storehouse.



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